Joep Caenen [b. 1991, NL, based in Maastricht] graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2019 with a BA in Fine Arts. He is currently active within the fields of painting, installations & participatory moments but also as an aspiring organizer of various projects within the cultural scene such as a upcoming new artist residency program based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Within my practice and daily life I consider art to be a potential that may be found within objects, moments, people and the environment to supersede their initial manifestation and intend. Revealing themselves in a new light if we take a brief moment to assess our perspective, relationship and role towards them. Continuing from this notion, I consider artworks as tools for us to play with. They exist simply to create opportunity and to further conversation. By doing so I aim to create conditions in which we may enter an open state of mind susceptible to the intangible and fleeting experience that is art.

The inspiration for many of my paintings originates from my own memories and experiences of foreign places, its people and cultures. A central theme I explore is how our position in every day life, our habits and our values are challenged as we encounter the previously unknown or unfamiliar.

Each of my paintings is much like a diner-table. Were the various entities, objects, aspects and shapes join in, sit down and take on the role of a guest. While painting I let myself be guided by the fleeting thoughts and memories, in doing so I aim to open up the contents of my paintings to resonate with both past and present. As my mind wanders, the fragments shape their own identities, and reveal a new and unforeseen narrative that may express itself beyond the personal.

The resulting paintings are an eclectic gathering both in style and story building upon reality, fiction, unexplored possibilities and autobiographical elements.

My installations are an exploration into the various possibilities of exchanging with the world and its people. In order to reach a broad spectrum of individuals the installations and performances are often accompanied by food, simple games or every day tasks. Through the ordinary and universally approachable the audience is invited to partake, converse and experience a simple moment of sharing with strangers.