Caenen [b. 1991, NL] graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2019 with a BA in Fine Arts and is currently working from his atelier in Maastricht. His practice is based upon a duality of creating situations in which we may exchange and share our daily life and perspectives, but also reliving simelar moments from the past through my paintings.

Within my practice and daily life I consider art to be a potential that may be found within objects, moments, people and the environment to supersede their initial manifestation and intend. Revealing themselves in a new light if we take a brief moment to assess our perspective, relationship and role towards them. Continuing from this notion, I often see artworks as tools for us to play with. They exist simply to create opportunity and to further conversation. By doing so I aim to create conditions in which we may enter an open state of mind susceptible to the intangible and fleeting experience that is art.

The discourse I mostly reach out to is related to cultural habits and life experiences. With a strong focus on using common every day situations as shared moments in which we may exchange thoughts & opinions.

The act of painting to me is a profoundly personal experience which may best be described as an unbounded stroll through the mind & memory. The recollection of long forgotten details or unconsciously registered elements allows for a constant re-evaluation of the self, our norms, values and life perspective. The resulting paintings are often a colourful mixture of layers, stories, reality, fiction and previously unexplored possibilities.