Joep Caenen [b. 1991, NL, based in Maastricht] graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2019 with a BA in Fine Arts. He is currently active within the fields of painting, installations & participatory moments but also as an aspiring organizer of various projects.

Within my practice and daily life I consider art to be a potential that may be found within objects, moments, people and the environment to supersede their initial manifestation and intend. Revealing themselves in a new light if we take a brief moment to assess our perspective, relationship and role towards them. 

Continuing from this notion, I consider artworks as tools for us to play with. They exist simply to create opportunity and to further conversation. By doing so I aim to create conditions in which we may enter an open state of mind susceptible to the intangible and fleeting experience that we may consider to be art.