Joep Caenen, based in Maastricht, [b. 1991, NL][BA Fine Arts, 2019, MAFAD] works with installations, paintings, sculpture & social meetings.

Joep is in search of interaction, conversation, memories, stories and collective moments. Applying his own artistic practice as a playful opportunity to explore art primarily within the context of a platform, a stage or rather a medium by itself. Art is in a sense the guiding element, an instrument for bringing people together, carrying within the potential for a shared moment, a deeper and primal connection that exceeds the confines of a cultural entity and the individual. An expression of the intangible relationship & presence that exists between all things and beings.

Both as an artist and person Joep loves to build and create things, to leave a physical presence of human effort such as a painting, an installation or structure. But also to share through making spaces of meeting with simple talk, games & food. Whichever form his works end up taking, it is the goal to create a condition rather than art pieces themselves, as their most fundamental use is always to be deployed as a tool to further connect and share.

In order to shape a varied collection of items that comes forth from his practice, Joep often draws inspiration from memories of a childhood abroad, embracing the influences of foreign cultures, countries & people. Fragments and experiences, subjective and lingering thoughts, many of which were absorbed unconsciously at the time, are reflected upon and subjected to the perspective of the I, as I am here now, in this very moment. 

As such the works progress instinctively, like a wandering mind, without a predetermined plan or sketch beyond a main concept. They are intentionally kept open to any fleeting ideas or outside collaborations that may arise in the moment. Generally turning out to be colorful and playful aesthetically, yet also lightly autobiographical in nature, it is a translation of both personal past and present possibilities merged into one that shapes the outcome. 

The presentation method often comes as an invitation for interaction, as such the audience is welcomed to join in. Making the conscious decision to partake in what may seem to be a mundane activity, a relevance may reveal itself that reaches beyond the initial manifestation. By coming together, just taking a moment and simply being present we may see the world and others around us more clearly.